Colombia Acevedo - Barrel Conditioned


Colombia Acevedo - Barrel Conditioned


Available only in half pound bags.

Oak, vanilla, cherry and apple

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When worlds collide, something amazing can happen.

We have taken some of the finest coffees of Colombia and aged the unroasted beans in bourbon barrels from the J. Henry and Sons Distillery in Dane, WI.  The beans spend four weeks sealed in the bourbon barrel...each day, the barrels are rolled across our roasting facility so that all of the beans inside can come into contact with the wood and bourbon remnants of the barrel.  

After four weeks, the beans are removed the barrel and roasted to order.  The resulting product is the perfect combination of coffee and bourbon flavor (and without the alchohol!).  

This coffee is available for a limited time while supplies last!

Tasting Notes:

  • Oak
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry

Manual Brew Parameters*:

  • 24 g coffee
  • 365 g water

*Manual brewing parameters were set using the Hario V60.